An amalgamation of tactical strategy, magical abilities, and gun skill, Valorant is the latest from Riot Games that borrows heavily from Counter-Strike while marinating it with its unique twists. The game decouples from reality, merging traditional tactical elements with playful abilities akin to Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege, making up a delicious recipe that is both familiar and refreshing.

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Features Review

Gameplay Mechanism: Abilities, Weapons, and Economy

The most intriguing allure of Valorant stems from its characters, known as "agents", each armed with their unique abilities. These abilities break the monotonous gunfight and open doors to strategic maneuvers, fun experimentation, and skill shots that are impossible in its counterparts. Phoenix embodies a brilliant example of such a mix, with his ability "Hot Hands" that can harm enemies while healing him. Another is Cypher, an intelligence expert who can tag enemies through a camera and trapwires, resembling Rainbow Six Siege's thrills.

While gun skill does hold weight, Riot Games combines it with the agent's powers to dictate the match's flow. However, learning when to stand still before shooting can be overwhelming for newcomers who lack Counter-Strike experience. The game indeed lacks explaining strategies like saving rounds or bomb placement but comes with a practice arena for aim training and recoil understanding.

Balancing: The Sage Issue

Although character variety and match dynamics add zest to Valorant, it does come with a caveat. Sage, the only dedicated support character, proves to be excessively influential, her Resurrection ultimate being particularly bothersome as it turns a closely contested duel to a 1v2. Likewise, Reyna, the new character who can replenish health by claiming souls, creates uneven combats, contradicting Riot's aim of placing gun skill before abilities.

Visuals, Sound, and Character Design 

Stepping away from gameplay, Valorant impresses with its easily trackable bullet tracers, crisp sound effects, and engaging character designs. Sova's recon arrow, for instance, has grown into an art form. The game gives each agent a unique personality, adding depth to character selection, and enhancing player engagement.

Keeping the Community Engaged 

Riot Games has shown a positive commitment to fine-tuning Valorant and addressing outstanding issues. The frequent, meaningful reworks bode well for future meta changes. However, the increased character pool might perplex or even annoy gamers. Negligible issues like jerks, although annoying, can be mitigated by easy muting or reporting.


  • Unique capabilities mixed with gun-skill opens doors for strategic gameplay;
  • Practice arena for aim training and recoil understanding;
  • Crisp visuals and engaging character design;
  • Frequent and meaningful reworks from Riot Games.


  • Balancing issues with characters like Sage and Reyna;
  • Under-explanation of game mechanics and strategies;
  • The possibility of being matched with annoying players.


Valorant traverses familiar grounds while incorporating abilities, strategic gameplays, and stunning graphics. Despite being challenging to newcomers and mechanics that need ironing out, Valorant is a remarkably refreshing take on the tactical shooting genre that continues to deliver engaging games. 

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