Occasionally, as I wander through Los Santos in GTA 5, I find myself thinking, 'What inspired them to create that?' Similarly, I often have the same thoughts about Los Angeles. For GTA 5, that sentiment is imbued with a sense of astounded awe rather than befuddled despair. Rockstar Games has crafted one of the most extraordinary gaming environments ever seen in the gaming world. A breathtaking attention to detail is evident, from the meticulously rendered trash bags populating every back alley to the captivating sunsets adorning San Andreas. An overwhelming sense of admiration for the developers' dedication and love for their creations is a common feeling. Yet the paradox lies in the fact that the inhabitants of Los Santos seem to hate every aspect of the place.

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Features Review

GTA 5: An unparalleled yet brutally cynical world

Los Santos in GTA 5 could be depicted as one of the most stunning, ample, and generous environments in the GTA universe, but it's also the most merciless and nihilistic. In previous games like Bully, GTA IV, and the sadly console-restricted Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games skillfully portrayed their characters as anti-heroes. GTA 4's Niko Bellic, though capable of unspeakable atrocities, carried a certain underdog charm that made him endearing while he navigated the city's underworld. He was encircled by people who were eccentric and over-the-top, but beneath it all, they were still people. Rockstar's best female characters, such as Kate McReary and Mallorie Bardas, were a part of this universe.

GTA V Characters: Three's a crowd

GTA 5, however, radically deviates from this formula to its detriment. The game's city is inhabited by empty, shallow caricatures, and its three protagonists skim the line of becoming such themselves. Michael, a middle-aged ex-bank robber on the brink of a crisis; Franklin, a young gangster who conveniently disregards his principles for money; and Trevor, a desert-dwelling, unstable sociopath with his version of morality, are the three characters you maneuver. The game narrative explores their relationship through numerous heists and adventures as they collide with every conceivable L.A stereotype.

Despite being put in this context, it's only the trio that seem to have any consciousness or depth to them. This seems intentional, further emphasizing the game's unapologetically satirical take on southern California and indicative of Rockstar's fading interest in glorified anti-heroes.

GTA V Gameplay: Moments That Matter

The most memorable moments in the game arise when your trio of flawed characters come together, and you're allowed to choose how to utilize each of them. These heist missions are where the game's most ambitious narrative choices are made. But the journey to get to them is lengthy. A lot of time is spent driving long distances, engaging in repetitive shoot-outs, and interesting yet ultimately meaningless side activities.

Despite these limitations, the remarkable world continues to enthrall you. Breathtaking moments like driving 150 km/h down the Pacific Coast Highway at sunset, with Humble Pie's '30 Days In The Hole' playing on the stereo, captures unarticulated pop-culture experiences that are uniquely fitting to this game. This ability to capture such moments makes the game an exciting experience despite its obvious flaws.

GTA V Gaming Experience Beyond the Main Game

Interestingly, the story, with all its faults, is only a fraction of what this game offers. Step off the main trail, and you find golf, tennis, races, a stock market, short films, fully programmable TV stations, and much more. There's an immeasurable amount of optional content, speaking volumes about the developers' dedication to their craft.

GTA V’s first-person mode is an even greater testament to the meticulous effort invested into the game. It's not merely a refreshing new perspective: GTA 5 transforms into a thorough FPS with intricate animations. It manages to capture a sense of physical presence in a vast, open world. Whether you're stealing an open-top car and going for a cruise or just taking an evening walk in the rain, no other open-world game provides such a variety of atmospheric experiences in such detail. The only downside is that it can be challenging to navigate and more immersive than perhaps desired, leading to a level of realism that may not serve those who struggle with motion sickness.

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