With the phenomenal success of games like My Talking Tom, it's no surprise that developer Outfit7 has sought to capitalize by introducing a cute and feminine version in the form of My Talking Angela. A virtual pet game designed for children, it provides a fun platform that affords great interactivity, entertainment, and robust learning opportunities. At its core, it is just about nurturing Angela, a small and cute little kitten, and ensuring she grows and evolves into a fashionable city resident.  

  • Rating 4.7 (1156 votes)
  • Price Free
  • Category Casual
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  • Developer Outfit7

Features Review

Delving deeper into the gameplay

Just like real-life pets need to be nurtured, cared for, and entertained, so does Angela in the game. One of the main aspects of the game is taking care of Angela’s basic needs. From feeding her delicious candies and assortments of vegetables to brushing her teeth and putting her to bed, every action and interaction has its rewards.

Another prominent aspect of My Talking Angela is the ability to dress Angela in various fashionable outfits and accessorize her with all kinds of unique items. The wardrobe is exhaustive, with numerous styles and options that would have any fashion enthusiast gushing. And as players level up, they unlock more fashion items. Additionally, players can decorate Angela's house, painting it in varying colors and furnishing it with different items. This adds so much to the overall fun of the game and propels it beyond being just a simple pet simulator.

Key Features of My Talking Angela:

1. Virtual Pet Simulation: Like real-life pets, Angela needs care and nurturing, emphasizing feeding her, ensuring she is clean, and putting her to bed.

2. Fashion Options: The game features a comprehensive wardrobe, allowing players to experiment with various looks and styles for Angela.

3. Home Decorations: The players can furnish and decorate Angela's home to suit their style preferences, enhancing the overall entertainment value.

4. Mini-Games: The inclusion of various mini-games provides necessary gameplay diversity, adding an element of excitement and strategic entertainment.

5. Level Ups: As players continue taking care of Angela and winning mini-games, they level up, unlocking more fashion and home decoration items.

6. Easy Interaction: A user-friendly interface facilitates smooth interaction between the player and Angela.

7. Educational Values: Besides being fun, the game teaches children the responsibility of caring for another living being, providing an excellent learning opportunity.

8. High-Definition Graphics: The game boasts superb, colorful, and appealing graphics that further enhance the enjoyment of gameplay.

One common criticism of the game is that potency becomes repetitive. After taking care of Angela’s basic needs and dressing her up, the opportunities for gameplay can seem somewhat limited. However, the game does have a wide variety of mini-games to keep things interesting. These range from puzzle games to action games that make the gameplay experience more engaging and less monotonous. However, without any notable storytelling or quest system, the game might be a bit redundant after some time, especially for older players.


In spite of its flaws, My Talking Angela generally receives positive reviews from its users. Players have praised the game for its colorful and appealing graphics, user-friendly interface, and its ability to keep kids engaged. Many parents appreciate the game because, besides the fun part, it teaches kids responsibility and the essence of taking care of another living being.

However, few users have expressed concerns about the in-game purchases. There are features of the virtual pet game that require actual money to unlock, which has deemed it less suitable for very young children without parental guidance. Nonetheless, the overall user impression of My Talking Angela is positive, and the game has established a firm base of loyal fans worldwide.


  • Teaches responsibilities to kids;
  • Colorful and engaging graphics;
  • Diverse wardrobe for Angela;
  • Variety of mini-games to keep gameplay interesting;


  • Potentially repetitive gameplay;
  • No story or quest system;
  • High significance on in-game purchases.

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