Hello Neighbor is a survival horror game that was released on July 27, 2017. The game was developed and published by Dynamic Pixels. Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game where you play as a child trying to sneak into your neighbor's house. Playing the game requires you to use your stealth skills, as well as your puzzle-solving skills. As you progress in the game, your neighbor's house will change, so you will need to find out how to progress by finding clues and reading messages. Hello Neighbor is a game in which the player takes on the role of an unnamed child, tasked with exploring the house and finding out what the neighbor is hiding. The goal of the game is to explore the house and sneak past the Neighbor's traps.

  • Rating 5 (2466 votes)
  • Price Free
  • Category Adventure
  • Version latest
  • Developer 2048 Game

Features Review


Hello Neighbor's gameplay consists of exploration and stealth. Exploration is performed in a 2D side-scrolling manner. The player can roam around the house and explore the rooms while trying to avoid the Neighbor. The player can also find clues and tools that will help them to escape from the house. The player can also explore the Neighbor's yard in order to find a way to escape. The gameplay consists of sneaking past the Neighbor's traps and avoiding the Neighbor's gaze. Throughout the game, the player must avoid the Neighbor's gaze while exploring the house. In order to do so, the player must maintain a low profile by sneaking past noisy traps, and by avoiding the Neighbor's line of sight. The player must also avoid making too much noise while exploring the house or the Neighbor will give chase. If the player is caught by the Neighbor, the game will end. Sound design is excellent and adds tremendously to the tension in the game.


The graphics of Hello Neighbor are designed to be pixelated. The pixelated graphics are used to make the game seem as if it is being played on an old television. The graphics are very basic, but the sound design is excellent and adds tremendously to the tension in the game.


The replayability of Hello Neighbor is low. The game can only be played for a short amount of time, and it can be completed in about two hours. However, the game does not have a clear ending, which means that the player can continue to explore the house in order to find new elements.


  • The game's pixelated graphics are interesting;
  • The player has the opportunity to explore and find new elements;
  • The game is challenging;
  • The game has a retro feeling;
  • The game is horror-based;
  • The game is sometimes unpredictable;


  • The game can only be played for a short amount of time;
  • The game is difficult to understand;
  • The game is repetitive;
  • The game has a short replayability;
  • The game's graphics are not realistic;
  • The game has a high level of difficulty;


Hello Neighbor is a game that is clearly inspired by old horror movies. The game's retro graphics are interesting, and the game is challenging. The game also has a horror element, and it has a retro feeling. The game's sound design is excellent and adds tremendously to the tension in the game, and the graphics are basic and pixelated. The game is difficult to understand, and it is also repetitive. The game has a short replayability, and it has a high level of difficulty.

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