Get ready to step into the extraordinary world of Gacha Club, an engaging online game that's perfect for all anime and fashion enthusiasts. Offering access to an assortment of trendy outfits, hairstyles, pets, and weapons, Gacha Club takes customization to the next level by providing a platform for users to dress up their preferred anime-style characters. The relish of interaction with the characters is further broadened as the users have the autonomy to set their favorite scenes and backgrounds.

  • Rating 4 (67 votes)
  • Price Free
  • Category Casual
  • Version latest
  • Developer eyeo GmbH

Features Review

A critical analysis of Gacha Club reveals an array of captivating features that players can explore while identifying a few areas that can be improved to cater to the players' demands better. To begin with, the game provides a grand total of 100 characters for customization, including 10 main ones and 90 extra characters. To add vibrance and distinction, users can pick from 600 different poses and customize hair, eyes, and items to match their characters. However, despite these vast options, some users have expressed a desire for the addition of more characters, citing that a bigger range would provide more variety for storytelling and role-playing. 

Another traditional aspect of Gacha Club is the inclusion of exciting mini-games like Usagi vs. Neko and Mascot Whack. These games offer an opportunity to collect more gems and bytes, which can then be used for further character enhancement. On the flip side, there has been some critique pertaining to the repetitiveness of these mini-games, with some users clamoring for an expansion of the gameplay variety.

The Players Speak their Heart Out on Gacha Club

After sifting through the user reviews, it is evident that Gacha Club has emerged as a favorite amongst fans of anime and dress-up games. Users have lauded the interface and the vast customization options, expressing that this offers an excellent outlet for their creativity. The various battle modes - Story, Training, Tower, and Shadows of Corruption - also found favor among many players who found them challenging and immersive. 

However, it wouldn't be a balanced view without a mention of the hitches some users have experienced with the game. Some found the limit of only 10 characters on screen in the Studio Mode restricting and expressed the need for a choice to add more. Despite these minor hiccups, the Gacha Club appears to have an overall positive rating, with plenty of content for hours of fun-filled gaming. 


  • Comprehensive customization features;
  • Studio mode allows the creation of unique scenes;
  • Offers engaging combat system;
  • Packed with mini-games for additional entertainment;


  • Limited character count in Studio Mode;
  • Repetitive gameplay in mini-games;
  • Need for more characters for additional variety;

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