Sea of Solitude shines at EA Play event

Jo-Mei Games has officially presented Sea of Solitude at E3 2018 as part of the contents of EA Play event. The title presents a world in which lonely human beings become monsters.

History tells us that humans when they feel too lonely, become monsters. Kay, who has become one, will embark on a journey to discover what has happened to him. He will discover that his great enemies are not the great creatures he encounters, but something more dangerous.

The game is being developed by the German studio Jo-Mei Games, where they wanted to reflect on loneliness and what it can do to people.

Kay’s and the player’s goal will be to discover what has caused Kay to fall into that darkness and how she can become, and feel, human again.

The title will debut in early 2019.

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News for the Upcoming Adventure Game 2019 - Sea of Solitude