Sea of Solitude is the new indie bet of EA Originals

It is increasingly common for large companies to host small study initiatives, and it makes a lot of sense: investments at more permissible scales that can achieve excellent results. In fact, following in the footsteps of ‘Unravel’, Electronic Arts seems to have found a new creative vein and has already added a new project to its EA Originals label: ‘Sea of Solitude’.

Developed by the German studio Jo-Mei, ‘Sea of Solitude’ invites us to embark – literally – on the adventure of a young woman who has become a monster and her journey through a flooded city to find out how it happened. Of course, the plot and its playability will share the limelight with its fascinating artistic section.

The story of ‘Sea of Solitude’ is unique and significant. It is beautiful and frightening at the same time.

Although EA Originals has just hosted the project, the gameplay of the project could already be seen earlier this year in an interview for Anthony Carboni’s channel and, although it’s a work in progress, the truth is that it looks phenomenal.

This has been an excellent year for indies, and you just have to look at how well distributed they are among our best 2016 games – surpassing millionaire productions – to see that many times the right focus is not on 4K textures or looking for explosiveness at any price, but in offering a narrative or an enjoyable experience.

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News for the Upcoming Adventure Game 2019 - Sea of Solitude