Sea of Solitude, Geppert’s introspective journey

We tell you all about the new experience directed by Cornelia Geppert.

The world of video games is characterized, among many other aspects, by its ability to provide stimulating experiences for the senses through interaction. Many advocates for more direct and “traditional” fun; satisfaction based on aspects such as playability, challenge or the resolution of a series of challenges that reward the player through different stimuli. Others try to reach a more sensorial plane, directing their objectives to awaken feelings such as sadness, nostalgia or melancholy in us, creating effective dichotomies together with others such as joy, surprise or joy.

This is the case of Sea of Solitude, an intimate adventure with an attractive scenographic proposal created by the Jo-Mei studio, under the auspices of EA Originals, which has had a more than arduous trajectory throughout its development. The good news: the community has been amazed since the announcement in 2015, while the developer’s hard work has been rewarded by a growing interest in this attractive proposal, which draws from productions such as the terrifying Limbo, the passionate and disturbing Inside or the fascinating and charming Journey.

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News for the Upcoming Adventure Game 2019 - Sea of Solitude