Sea of Solitude, Empathy as a playable mechanism

It’s easy to reach a point of connection and fascination with the game through its main architect, Creative Director Cornelia Geppert, even if the first time you’ve heard of her work is during the presentation of the game at EA’s conference at this E3 2018. Cornelia took to the stage with a restless countenance, fused the initial applause of the audience with a series of choppy phrases that were a step away from ending in sobs, and picked up renewed strength from a second standing ovation from the respectable. In short, many of us empathize with Geppert because of the sensations he conveyed to us as creators of interactive content.

The images followed one another on the screen while Geppert explained the project with an unusual passion. Inspired by his own experiences, Sea of Solitude puts us in the shoes of a young Kay who, it seems, lives in a mysterious world partially covered by beautiful crystalline waters where her evocative buildings transport us directly to an earthly reality, while we move between the doubt of whether we are living a dream from which we cannot wake up, or if the nightmare will end up taking advantage to attack us without compassion, using our worst fears for that purpose.

From there we will face feelings like loneliness, homesickness or fear, while our survival instinct comes to the surface as we sympathize with Kay, transfer his emotions to our own, and realize that our fears can snatch protagonism from the action that defines the game.

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