Sea of Solitude, A fascinating way to go

As Geppert herself has stated, the title leaves room for genres such as platforms, puzzles or even terror, while we are chased by fearsome sea creatures, threatening feathered figures in jet black or mysterious effigies of inexplicable semblance. We will travel on foot or by boat as we navigate the waters, face the inclement weather of this disruptive place, or marvel at how the waters of the flooded canals separate at our feet, revealing prints of spectacular beauty and idyllic chromaticism.

With artistic nuances that remind us of creative artists like Hayao Miyazaki, Ken Wong or Matt Nava, this introspective experience aims to become one of the most outstanding independent titles of the year 2019. Without a doubt, given the passion and dedication put by the creative team in its development, there are many possibilities to bring your company to a successful conclusion. For the moment, he has our full attention and that of many other enthusiasts of this type of proposals.

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News for the Upcoming Adventure Game 2019 - Sea of Solitude