Xbox lead Matt Booty clarifies the reasons behind the closure of Tango Gameworks

22 Jun 2024

The unexpected closure of Tango Gameworks surprised numerous onlookers when the news broke. While it made sense for Xbox to discontinue Arkane Austin following the lackluster performance of Redfall, the success of Hi-Fi Rush, the latest release from Tango, left many perplexed.

However, on Variety's Strictly Business podcast, the head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, attempted to shed light on the rationale behind the closure. "I'll steer clear of diving deep into the decision-making details, primarily to honor those involved," he remarked. "One key point to consider is that our perspective is as much on the horizon as it is on retrospective analysis of a single title."

"A multitude of elements contribute to a game's success – the caliber of its leaders, the imaginative helm, and whether the team is as cohesive as when it previously achieved success. We need to take a holistic view of all these aspects and ask ourselves whether we're poised for future triumphs. Even if certain conditions or past circumstances have fostered success, they may not necessarily remain relevant as we plan ahead."

Booty is suggesting that despite Hi-Fi Rush ticking all the right boxes for Xbox, uncertainties loomed about whether Tango might replicate this accomplishment in the future. Hi-Fi Rush seemed to emerge unexpectedly, not just due to its unconventional release without forewarning but also because it ventured into the rhythm action category—an area Tango had not explored before.