How to Fix the Problem with Pokémon Go Snapshots on iPhone

17 Aug 2020

One of the reasons Pokémon GO has become this popular and remains a hit until today was a chance to snap a picture of a wild Pikachu, a Slowpoke, or a Psyduck in the wild, in the city streets, or even in your room. These pics are fun (though no more a shock) to post on Instagram or TikTok, especially for Pokémon fans. The bitterer is was for iPhone owners to find one day Pokémon GO snapshot not working at all.

This issue, though, has already been researched and solved. To fix the bug for the current session, you don’t need a Pokémon Go hack for iPhone (like those popular on Android once). In the next update, it may be fixed completely. But even now you have a way to remove this sad issue.

1.       Run the app

It might seem a strange advice as you must have just noticed these Pokémon GO snapshot iOS issues, and that means you have the game already open. If this is the case, shut the game and run it again in 12-15 seconds.

2.       Tap the Pokéball

That’s the regular procedure for entering the game settings. Despite the snapshot issues, this part of the game works properly, so use it.

3.       Tap the Pokémon icon

That’s also the most basic advice to give in this situation. But what you have to do now is access your own Pokédex. See the Pokémon you want to take to the photo, and tap its icon. Thus we create the situation for checking the snapshot settings.

4.       Go to your Settings and check them

And this time you need to swipe from the bottom edge up. Go to your iPhone settings menu (the gear you learn first) and check the app list. Swipe down till you see the Pokémon GO app on the list. While it’s running with the selected Pokémon on, you have a chance to check whether the app has the permission to use camera. If the permission isn’t granted, grant it right now. Then you can leave Settings and return to your Pokémon.

5.       Return to the game

Okay, swipe up again and return to your Pokémon GO that has been idle in the background all that time. Now you can position your favorite Pokémon in the wild, snap it, and share your Pokémon GO snapshots to the world. If you want to snapshot the wild one you see, let’s hope it hasn’t escaped or been caught.

As you do these procedures once, probably you won’t have to repeat them. If the problem with snapshot continues, you know what to do next. Let’s hope the next update by Niantic and Nintendo removes this issue forever and lets us make and share as many snaps as we want.

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