"GTA V Update: Be a Law Enforcer in New Criminal Capture!

21 Jun 2024

The Grand Theft Auto V's Cost-Cut Criminal Capture update empowers you to embrace the role of a heroic enforcer of the law

The Online component of Grand Theft Auto V is gearing up to introduce a fresh batch of content in the upcoming week. Starting from June 25, you can reach out to a lawful ally, Trevor Maude Eccles, who will present you and your allies with missions to capture wanted individuals.

Your primary interactions will be with Maude's offspring, Jeanette, as you seek to dish out your version of retribution within Los Santos. The update will also unwrap new modes of transport and quests, as well as additional competitions for the Rockstar Creator suite.

While the anticipation builds for the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto VI, slated for release sometime before the end of 2025, players can look forward to continual enhancements and additions to Grand Theft Auto V to satisfy their craving for thrilling escapades in the interim.