Baldur's Gate 3 Player Triumphs By Playing As Cheese

06 Jun 2024

The world of Baldur's Gate 3 has been illuminated by the audacious exploits of a YouTuber who completed the game as a piece of cheese. This imaginative player, known as Bouch, demonstrated that the boundaries of gameplay are only as restricted as one's creativity. Utilizing an inventive blend of mods, gaming savvy, and a dash of luck, Bouch embarked on a journey that turned heads and sparked conversations about the true extent of player freedom in video games.

Baldur's Gate 3 is an RPG rooted in the vast, ever-imaginative world of Dungeons & Dragons. Like its tabletop ancestor, the game encourages players to think outside the box, and sometimes, outside the human form. Bouch's journey began by modifying the game to replace a group spell with "Polymorph Cheese," allowing him and his companions to take on the form of cheese wheels. Each of these sentient cheeses had limited abilities but shared an AC of 10 and minimal stats, making their quest incredibly challenging.

Throughout the campaign, Bouch’s party of cheese wheels had to rely on the unique capabilities of the Monk class. Monks in Baldur's Gate 3 receive bonuses to armor class and attacks without carrying weapons, which was crucial for his endeavor. Despite their cheesy form, the party could still wield spell scrolls and carry items, including vital resources like explosives and treasures. The lack of hands did pose a problem, but Bouch ingeniously found workarounds by interacting indirectly with merchants, enabling him to sell and buy necessary scrolls.

There were moments in the game where even the most determined cheese wheel had to concede defeat to their limitations. For specific story advancements, Bouch had to temporarily abandon the cheese form. Summoning spells also played a significant role in navigating through encounters that would otherwise obliterate the fragile 1 HP cheeses. This combination of strategic diversions and pure, unadulterated cheese ended in a triumphant conclusion for Bouch, proving that a good strategy can overcome even the most absurd obstacles.

The completion of Baldur's Gate 3 as cheese is a testament to the creativity encouraged by both Dungeons & Dragons and its digital adaptations. Bouch’s whimsical journey adds a new layer — pun intended — to what players can achieve when they think differently. While not recommended for new players due to its daunting nature, the idea of completing the game as cheese is an innovative way to experience this rich, narrative-driven world. It’s a story that not only entertains but also inspires other players to push their creative bounds in gaming.

In the end, Bouch's journey as a piece of cheese in Baldur's Gate 3 is a quirky, remarkable tale of perseverance and imagination. It underscores the limitless possibilities inherent in RPGs and the joy of exploring these boundaries. So next time you embark on your epic quest in Baldur's Gate 3, perhaps let Bouch's cheesy adventure remind you that there are no wrong ways to experience a game – only new and unexplored paths.